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Nick Jonas singing Wedding Bells

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fic request, nick finding out that miley's getting married on june 11th

"BEEP, BEEP" Nick reads his text from Joe. "Dude, yo’ girl is marrying that tall aussie dude…………ON JUNE 11TH" Nicks eyes widen and his jaw drops. Before he could speak, Raven pops into the corner of the screen. "OH SNAP" She says before disappearing. Nick flips a table then cries himself to sleep. WHY LORD WHY.

if miley seriously marries liam on june 11th ill be 100% convinced that they’re a joke why would you do that i just no

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nileybells whoever you are can you not repost my posts omfg

Sorry I ran out of space, but I feel she is settling because her only true heartbreak was a result of her only true love (Nick Jonas) and I think she suffered a lot and just didn't want to suffer through that anymore. Its like the saying that says the people you love the most are the ones that can hurt you the most. Liam can't reallly truly hurt her because she loves him but she is not in love with him. After all her heartbreak with Nick I think marrying Liam is playing it safe for her heart.

Yeah, it seems like that, I think the same way. Liam is a safe option and she’s taking the safe way to avoid heartbreak, which was all that she got (in the end) when in a relationship with Nick. I think she’s convinced herself that he’s not the one and she’s not going to go back there because of fear. They’ve both grown up and Miley seemed to have drifted as far as you can from her old friends. I don’t think she’s, well, changed..she still seems to be the same her, but she’s just completely started her life over. New friends, new life, new way of living. I’m not saying I miss the old her, I just miss some things. Aah, but you know. They were young and times were easy ;) I still hold hope for a reunion. We all know it’s inevitable, just gotta wait a while.

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This Ryan Seacrest interview was when Miley and Liam where going to be 1 year anniversary and it went like this.Ryan Secrest "whats the down side" Miley: There is not really one Ryan Secrest: "I mean i dont know you that well but i feel you are the type of person that you get involved with these guys and you know in the back of your head that something is gonna go wrong Miley: I just...you know I dont want to be heartbroken...i dont want to be heartbroken(I feel like even now, she is settling)

I’ll reply in the next message

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